About Ange Dove

Professional copywriter, author, mentor

Ange Dove is the ideal mentor if you are on or are starting your journey to running your purposeful, profitable business, sharing your own unique expertise and zone of genius with those that need to learn it from you.

She has been running her professional copywriting agency in Singapore for almost 20 years. She incorporates her experience gained from setting up, growing and maintaining her business, surviving economic downturns and pandemics, into her programmes so you can benefit from what truly works. As they say, learn from those that do.

But Ange brings more than just her expertise to the table. She didn't start out as a business owner. In fact, setting up a business wasn't even on her radar. She simply wanted to work from home so that she could look after her two young toddlers at the time. Everything she learned about running a business she learned through the school of hard knocks. In fact, it's fair to say, she learnt as much how not to run a business through her mistakes as she did how to run one. And she was savvy enough to seek out mentors and coaches when she needed to.

What Ange brings to the table

She's walked in your shoes

Ange has a shoe fetish - but let's stay on point! She knows what you are going through because she's already been there. You can benefit from Ange shortening your learning curve as she steers you away from making some of those classic mistakes she made in the past.

She's been through juggling setting up a business with being a wife and a mother to toddlers, all while holding down a full-time job. So she knows the struggles.

But because she went through it and made building her business a no-fail priority, she's just the person to hold you accountable and call you out on your excuses for not getting things done.

You need that!

She's simplified the tech

Even as a younger business owner, Ange's passion for tech was obvious to her Primary School son who drew the picture of her you see here!

Ange went from being a no-tech kind of gal to a completely tech-obsessed nerd once she realised how powerful some apps could be for her business. Because, as of yet, you can't clone yourself!

She's tried them all and honed in on ones that get the job done simply. So she'll be sharing those with you so you too can build funnels, websites and complete CRM systems if you want to. Or you can outsource the work, because she'll teach you how to do that too. Only work on the money-making stuff yourself. Golden rule (unless you love to tinker, but even so, you've got to keep that addiction under control!)

Imparting knowledge comes naturally to her

Before setting up her business, Ange taught English as a second language in Singapore for 12 years. She fell in love with teaching so it's natural that she's come full circle and today imparts her knowledge on business for those now walking her path.

As a result, she knows how to stagger the learning so it's not overwhelming, yet she'll still push you when she thinks you can do more.

Here she is getting ready to present at an online conference during the pandemic.

Most importantly, she brings results

A welcome from Ange

But it's not all work. Here's an insight into what drives me ...

I grew up here in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean. It was the most wonderful childhood and I have very fond memories. School in the morning, swimming at the Beach Club every afternoon.

My teen and early adulthood years were spent in the UK but the calling for warmer climates once agin took me to Singapore. I planned to stay 18 months, and now it's been 30 years. I don't know where the time went!

Before I brought my business online, we operated from a shophouse like these as a team of 10 in-house staff at our peak. Pretty, aren't they?

I give occasional talks on branding and marketing and this was a visit to a local girls' school to empower them to set up their stalls as a mini business at their school fate.

My why - my family. All grown up now into incredible adults. Proud mum :)

Your net worth is your network. I'm constantly fuelling my business by learning new skills, working on myself, investing in myself. Even coaches need coaches.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Had to visit my idol Alice Cooper's star. I've been a fan since I was 14. Glad to be a minion.

The perks of running a business on your terms - I took this photo on a snorkelling trip in Mexico. Breath-taking!

Catching up with old friends is the best! And my sis! Oh yes, and on the day this photo was taken, we drove through a rainbow! I kid you not. Bizarre and very magical!

More happy customers

"She's way more than a copywriter ... it's a step-by-step systematic approach ... based on your budget. And she cares."

"She was able to clarify the mess in the back of my head and put it down so simply, in just an hour's consultation."

"Thanks to Ange I've got my funnel planned and I've been wanting to do this for so long and she laid it out so simply."

"If you want to build your brand, Ange is the person to go to. Best decision I have made. Highly recommended. "

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