Want to be your own boss & work from anywhere but don't know where to start?

I'll work with you to build a business you can run around your lifestyle, with no salary ceiling, even if you've zero business or tech experience

Want to be your own boss & work from anywhere but don't know where to start?

I'll work with you to build a business you can run around your lifestyle, with no salary ceiling, even if you've zero business or tech experience.

Are you tired of the 9 to 5

and being told by your boss when you can spend

time with your kids?

Are you sick of getting paid the same no matter how hard you work, and staying late with nothing to show for it?



What if you could be your own boss instead ?

... with the freedom to charge your worth, timetable your own day and

work from anywhere you please?


With the right guidance, you CAN build your own lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere,

even as a:

  • - busy career professional
  • - stay-at-home mom or
  • - empty nester with the kid's flown

and FINALLY live life on your terms.


Feel you don't have the experience and skills to make it happen?

I was just like you! I started my first business 20 years ago with:

  • - ZERO knowledge on how to run a business,
  • - a full-time job to hold down and
  • - 2 toddlers under the age of 3.

But I knew what I wanted and I went for it. And I know you can too.

If you want this bad enough, you can make it happen.

And the great news is that, unlike me, you won't have to go it alone.

You can tap on the 20 years of experience I've gained in my business,

and my years investigating every online tool to find those that worked and made sense so I could systemise and automate my business.

I don't just teach you how to start and market a business, I teach you systems to run it as a serious business - not something most online courses of this type do.

I guide you through my proven framework .

There has NEVER been a better or easier time to be in business

It's time to take the guesswork out of every single process in branding, marketing and systemising, running and growing your business.

You can monetise and profit from what you know – and build a business you love, working from anywhere you please.


(I've made that part super easy for you)

You get step-by-step actionable tasks so that you:

GET READY – be positioned with the right brand, message, systems and automations that will support your business to continue to deliver as you grow

GET SEEN – be promoted as someone to know, like, trust and buy from as the absolute authority and only logical choice

GET BUSINESS – profit from doing what you absolutely love and still have the time freedom to enjoy your life and family

My system mixes just the right ingredients to take you from brick and mortar to working from anywhere you want so that you can finally live life on YOUR terms.

Follow a step-by-step system

  • Video recordings of the full course - lifetime access so you can go back and revise anytime
  • Weekly group coaching sessions for 12 months - to get your questions answered directly so you can move forward
  • 3 x private coaching sessions with me you can book any time during the year
  • Personal access to me on Discord app for quick questions and answers
  • Community group of peers to network with and share experiences
  • Quarterly workshops - Get-It-Done Weekends - to work together, avoid procrastination and get things done!
  • Bali Retreat once a year (free ticket for all current and alumni members) because we want to celebrate your transformation!

Here's how the programme works

Will it require commitment? YES

Will you need to put in the hours? YES

Will you need to prioritise your business to get it going? YES

This isn't a get rich quick scheme - it's a business - and that's hard work.

But if you're up for it,

if you can appreciate the rewards that come later,

this is for you.

What are your rewards?

Freedom to charge your worth

No more fixed salary each month no matter how hard you work. You get to charge your worth on your terms and decide how much to bring in every month.

Freedom to plan your day

No more fixed hours and having to ask permission to spend time with your kids. You will have a business built around your lifestyle. You choose the hours you work and get to have a life too.

Freedom to work from anywhere

The ability to work from anywhere you choose. With a lifestyle business based in the Cloud, and easy tech allowing you to control it all online, you're the boss wherever in the world you happen to be.

Freedom to take time off

The freedom to take off on a whim. When friends call for high tea or you just want to pack the family off for a holiday, it's all possible.

How ready are you to work from anywhere?

Can you do the work? They did!

Ange Dove is to me what I am to my clients, a guardian angel and professional problem solver! She takes care of the details and ensures that my websites are eloquently presented so that I can focus on researching the law, which is what I enjoy most.

Sam Choong


Is Ange Dove a mind reader? She’s been there and done it. All of it. And has come out with a workable solution. Kudos to the lady and thanks for being my mentor. Now I know my business begins with me and “purpose passion and position” will result in profit.

Gyanendra Kumar


Thanks to Ange’s direction, in less than an hour of sitting down with her she had mapped out my entire product ladder and clarified all the confusion in my mind with regards to marketing what I do. Thanks to her I can also now build my own funnels.

Joyce Teo

The Kick-ass Coach

In Ange's 2-day My Business Launchpad hands-on webinar, I was able to finish all tasks. She was so patient and funny and had vast knowledge.

I attended Ange's 1-day Build A Site In A Day course and in 2 hours, I had it up. I'd never been able to do this with such easy tech before.

Doing Ange's Build Your Brand course was one of the best decisions I've made. After the course, being true to my brand, my Facebook post went viral.

Now it's your turn!

I invite you to get on a free breakthrough call with me to plan out your next 90-day roadmap based on where you are right now.

If I think my programme can help you and we're a fit, I'll offer you a place on that as well, but there's no obligation for you to take it. Hard selling isn't my thing. I don't believe in that.

Here's what I base my whole programme on - it's all about having an offer and putting it out there for people who are ready to take it, not hard-selling to those that aren't.

Not sure about a call just yet?

That's OK. Get to experience what's it's like working with me through some free training Again, no strings, no obligations ... I just want you to see the possibilities.

This is my free gift to you to get you started on this amazing journey ...

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