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I'm Ange Dove and I'm known as much more than a copywriter to my clients. I have:

       20 years of hands-on experience

        The unique skill to sort through complicated information, organise it and make it simple for your customers to understand

        The ability to dig deep to hone in on the EXACT message you should be communicating to win over your target customers

        An in-depth understanding of the English language that protects your corporate reputation

But I bring even more value to the table and that's why I'm known as the Content Fairy Godmother.

My clients know that I'm there for them every step of the way, going beyond providing transactional services, really taking the time to understand and work out the best course of action and seeing it through.

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about Ange

I work with international companies in Singapore to help them execute their marketing strategies with quality copywriting and graphic design services through my content marketing agency Proof Perfect.  And I take my 20 years of hands-on business and marketing know-how to mentor start-ups and small business owners to help them optimise their marketing activities within small-business budgets.  

As a fellow small business owner, I understand the challenges that small businesses face in driving traffic and converting leads into loyal paying customers.

The recession hit in 2007/2008. It was like someone flicked a switch and the phone stopped ringing overnight. Email enquiries dried up. The customers I had became highly cost conscious. And I couldn't make ends meet. 

I'd made a critical mistake. I hadn't been actively promoting my business so the well was well and truly dry.

I had to reduce staff, cut costs and do most of the work myself - the little I still had!

I vowed I would get through and never let this happen to me again. I knew I had a lot to learn. I wasn't tech or Internet savvy, but as Google grew in popularity as a search engine, I knew I had to be where my customers were looking. I had to be online. And I had to widen my services.

I naturally had the desire in me to help my clients - I was the Content Fairy Godmother after all, making sure my clients "could go to the ball". It seems logical that I combine my passion for what I do for a living with my purpose of sharing my knowledge with small business owners who needed to know the things that I had invested YEARS and 1,000s of dollars learning. 

You see, there has never been a cheaper or better time to be in business as a small business owner who can't afford traditional advertising media. With all the online resources out there, and a multitude of social media platforms to market on, for a fraction of the cost, affordable marketing is finally possible for the small business owner. And it's more targeted than ever before. THAT means your costs are lower and the impact more effective. We're talking predictable and respectable ROI.

I'm lucky in that I work doing what I have a passion for, more importantly, living my purpose. It didn't always used to be that way. I haven't always been an authority on marketing, business and communications. I used to be a teacher. Hardly someone with business chops!

But in 2003, when my kids where young at the time, and the Internet allowed the freedom to work from home and run a business from a computer, I packed in my day-job teaching and dove into the entrepreneurial pool, with absolutely NO experience and NO knowledge of how to run a business. In fact, I didn't really see it as a business. I just wanted to work from home, be there for my kids and earn enough to comfortably pay the bills. 

Everyone I knew, except my husband, told me not to make the change. The economy wasn't great. Why would I leave a well-paying job and risk it all?

Looking back on it now, I understand that it was because I wasn't in alignment with my purpose. I didn't get complete fulfilment in teaching English - although I enjoyed it greatly and loved the students I taught. It was a blast.

It just wasn't ALL that I was meant to do.

Business began to pick up bit by bit and I started to think about how I could earn additional streams of income.  My international clients were asking me for design services, which I outsourced to partners. By 2011 this made up 50% of my business so I brought it in-house. This gave us the capabilities to serve our customers as a one-stop marketing solution for print and online marketing. We rebranded. Things were great.

But something was niggling me. 

If I was having issues marketing my services online as a small business, and I had the copywriting and design services available to me free,  what must other business owners who are not experienced in marketing and without the creative resources be going through? 

I invested a lot of time and resources in learning how to market online. And keeping up with the changes and constant additions to the online resources available. I started sharing my new knowledge with my clients. 

And that's when it hit me.

Here's how it all began

It took off quickly

Business redesigned

I started offering copywriting services. Things were great at first. I didn't really have any competition and I was in demand. So much so, I had to get an office and hire staff. (So that plan to work from home didn't quite work out!) Now I had a business I didn't really plan for, and staff I was accountable to. I took it in my stride and thought I was doing well.

Business grew based on word-of-mouth referrals and the small bit of SEO that was working on my site. As I said, there wasn't much competition, so it didn't take much to stand out online in those days.

Finally, I'd found my purpose!

Then I nearly lost it all

I've created my business from scratch and I've paid in the hundreds of thousand over the last ten years in mentoring fees and training fees  to make my business a success.  I've also learnt from plenty of mistakes around marketing, HR and negotiating.

My purpose is to help business owners avoid the mistakes I made, use my knowledge over 20 years in marketing and business and grow faster than I ever could.

That's why I've set up MarketSMART Learning Hub, an online learning portal that provides resources for business owners who need help in marketing their business online.   

Tap on my experience and fast-track your growth.

I can help you Get Ready, Get Seen, Get Business:

- avoid costly hiring mistakes

- systemise your business for greater productivity

- be the right brand

- understand your target audience segments and market to them

- create a marketing plan to achieve your objectives

- get your website working to convert leads

- implement online marketing campaigns and rinse and repeat

- build your database of clients

- nurture clients automatically until they are ready to buy

There are several ways you can work with me, from DIY online and group programmes to one-on-one programmes, and Done-For-You solutions if you want to get immediate results as you learn.

Have a look below and decide what's right for you. 

I look forward to creating some magic in your business!

learn quicker, 

grow faster

You're in business, but you don't have to go it alone.

One-on-One Coaching

Corporate Branding package

My Done-For-You Content Marketing Solutions

Get Ready Get Seen Get Business package


Singapore MarketSMART Mastermind

Brand Me Personal Branding package

Sales Funnel package

select the MarketSMART programme for you

If you prefer a more customised coaching programme tailored solely to your business, my One on One Coaching sessions are for you. We get together once a week for 8 weeks either in my office in Singapore or online via Zoom. We start where you are on your personal journey and build your customised marketing programme ready for you to implement. To execute the strategies learned, if that’s not something you want to do yourself, ask about my Done For You solutions.

The ultimate step in your learning journey, you get to spend 3 immersive days with up to 10 other like-minded individuals in Singapore at my exclusive MarketSMART Mastermind. Conducted by me personally, we get to dive deep into getting you and your business market ready.

You can use this mastermind programme as a fast track to getting you ready or as a consolidation of the learning done in the MarketSMART courses and a jumpstart to implementing the learning in your business.

Together we’ll release any blocks or limiting beliefs you have that are stopping you from progressing towards your goal and we’ll create a clear roadmap for you to follow so you can reach your goals in the quickest time possible with the least resistance.

And with the network of mastermind buddies you’ll meet, you’ll have ongoing support even after the intensive MarketSMART Mastermind is over.

Accommodation in a serviced apartment at the venue can be arranged during the three days.

You are a busy business owner or you are in charge of marketing for your company and you just want content marketing solutions you can trust to save you stress and time. With my Done For You content marketing solutions you can build a personal and corporate brand and execute marketing campaigns designed to convert leads to sales.

As a business owner or leader, having a personal brand will help you build authority in your niche. Look no further than my Brand Me Personal Branding package. You’ll get a personal brand that is supportive of but separate from your business brand. This includes the creation of relevant social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as a personal brand website. And to position you as a thought leader, I’ll help you create the messages you need to put out there to build your own following. It’s all taken care of!

My DIY Content Marketing Solutions

For consistency and relevancy in your market, rely on my Corporate Branding package. Depending on your size and budget, I offer a whole range of tailored packages to suit your specific needs. Whether you are start-up looking for the basics, or you are an established company seeking to unify existing collaterals and create a cohesive brand ecosystem, I have something that fits. 

Group Coaching

How great would it be to have automated email marketing that converts even while you sleep? With my Sales Funnel package, you’ll get an automated email campaign that attracts potential customers and nurtures them through your sales journey until they are confident and comfortable enough to make a purchase from you. 

The package also includes the creation of shareable lead magnets and landing pages to drive potential leads into your funnel. We only need to create it once and then you can leave the campaign to chug away in the background, converting customers, which leaves you to focus on what you do best – building your business!

Conducted for one hour per week over webinar, my group coaching sessions are open to business owners around the world who want to hone their business promotion skills. You can ask questions related to your actual business live on the call. Coaching programmes run for 8 weeks.

Ask me about available times.

Affordable marketing packages don’t get better than this. My Get Ready Get Seen Get Business package has been carefully designed to suit small and medium-sized businesses who need a helping hand getting off the ground. On a retainer basis, I’ll guide you through the entire marketing process, including:

Get Ready – I’ll look at your brand identity, brand voice and key messages to assess whether your brand appears credible and consistent, making the necessary changes to bring it in line with your vision.

Get Seen – To build awareness online, I’ll create quality content that establishes you as an authority in your field and exposes you to your intended target audience.

Get Business – Finally, to start converting those curious visitors into paying customers, I’ll nurture and engage your growing list of potential clients with automated email campaigns until they are ready to buy from you.

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Ange Dove is to me what I am to my clients, a guardian angel and professional problem solver! She takes care of the details and ensures that my websites are eloquently presented so that I can focus on researching the law, which is what I enjoy most.

Sam Choong, Advocate & Solicitor – 

Messrs Khaw Cheow Poh & Associates

Ange was very easy to work with … she came down to our office to try out our products personally and could immediately craft the ideas for our marketing. She grasped our needs really quickly, and I didn’t have to waste time with back and forth changes. She has real experience in the field, and her work led to higher conversion and more appointments for us!

Zhengyang – D’Elegance

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